About me

Hello... I be Levi.

A person doesn’t have to be 100 to say "I’ve lived!"

You can live in the day, you can live in the hour, and, yes, you can live in the moment... and that moment can be captured with a single camera click.

You see that’s what Levi does, he lives, and then he captures the moment. See, living is a matter of perspective.

That perspective is not a simple philosophy, it’s a life choice. Where Levi sees an awesomely lit studio, my mother sees where her living room once was. Where Levi sees an interesting pattern of natural light, I see my bedroom window. Where Levi sees a moment, a photo, an idea, we have already let that moment pass. You see, its all a matter of perspective.

There’s more to this perspective. See, Levi taught himself how to see the world from different angles. He will handstand, flip and climb to get those angles. Because opportunity doesn't always knock right side up, and Levi wants to be ready to catch it as it raises its hand.

Because living is about perspective and in this Levi has only begun to live.